Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beaten but not Broken

I have been beaten down over the last couple of days.  Relatively simple things are causing me fits.  I spend all day slaving away at my PC and at the end of the day, I still have nothing to show.  I'm starting to panic.

What I need to do should be relatively simple.  It's just a form.  I've seen this form in my head for months and months.  It is not rocket science.  It should be easy to create.  

But, I can't just create any form - it has to be easy to follow, e-mailable, faxable, it can't be too long, it can't take too many steps to use it. Sounds easy - right?  But wait, we also decided that sending it as an attachment isn't something we want to do.  Still not rocket science material.  

I spent yesterday trying to determine how to use some existing software.  It didn't look that hard.  I was making progress.  I saved early and often.  I left the office feeling good.  

Karma was smiling on me today and the only meeting I had got cancelled.  I had the entire day to crank this one form out.  When I opened my masterpiece from yesterday, all of my work was gone.  Undaunted, I decided it was better to start over than whine about the missing data.  Besides, I had some new ideas that I wanted to try.  

I spent all morning working on the form.  I got it to a point where I was ready to print it to see what it looked like on paper.  I fired up my trusty printer and I got - you guessed it - nothing!  Still not flustered, I started over  - again!  By the time I got to quitting time, I had recreated yet another masterpiece.  I tried to send my masterpiece to myself before I left and once again - NOTHING! I wandered off to the gym to take out my frustration on the Beast.

I vow not to give up and to try again tomorrow.  When I was explaining my dilemma to Mr. MonkeyGirl he casually mentioned how the forms he uses at work were created and how they use them.  Did I ever tell you how much I love him?!! I think he might have completely solved my problems and hopefully I will have something to show for all my hard work by the time I leave the office tomorrow. If not, I have a lot of time this weekend to work on my resume!

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NV said...

Hang in there, MG!