Friday, August 8, 2008

Things I learned today

I took full advantage of my day off.  I spent a good portion of the day outside and I learned some interesting things.
  • New Guy likes to talk on the phone.  A lot.  Also, I don't think his phone works inside.  He is always outside.
  • The storms yesterday must have been really bad in this area. It looked bad on my way home but it never rained a drop. On me. Skaterboy said it poured at home. One neighbor spent his day cutting up huge limbs that just fell out of his tree this morning.  Another had to cover their roof with a tarp.  Hey dude, maybe the problem was caused by that tree branch that has been laying on your roof for the past 2 years?!
  • The people 3 doors down like hip-hop.  But apparently only one CD.  They played it over and over.  All day.  Well, at least until their parents got home.
  • The 3 dogs 2 doors down don't like hip-hop.  At all. And they wanted to let everyone know about it.
I need to hang outside more often to see what else I can learn.


NV said...

ALL good to know. (Laughing) Loving that pic because Ilooked at that same sky all day and just worshipped it.

Sugar said...

OMG, your day off sounded pretty interesting. I love your observations!

Found you over at Velvet Lava. Just read that you want to be a pro photographer when you "grow up"... is this image of the sun behind the clouds one of yours?

MonkeyGirl said...

NV - I was thrilled with Mama nature for both of us. Although I learned you can work up a sweat making jewelry!

Sugar - The pic is all mine! I only need about 1000 more "good" shots before I feel comfy putting myself out there!

Sugar said...


I know what you mean, though. I just had a huge mental breakthrough and finally started putting mine up for comment... or as I used to think of it, "criticism." eeeekkkk!! I think that was scarier than writing for comment! If you ever get on flickr, look me up. I'm under whatsupshoog. Maybe we can leave nice comments for each other and get past our fears.