Friday, August 8, 2008

So many choices....

I'm not working today.  I'm not answering the bat phone.  I'm not going to log on to check e-mail.  The world will survive without me for one day.  The doors will still be open on Monday.  I deserve a break.

I have the whole day to myself.  Mr. M is stuck at work forever today.  Skaterboy has yet to surface from under the covers  - it is way too early for that.  I can do whatever I want.  I was catching up on some reading and my fellow bloggers gave me some inspiration.  
  • Most Excellent Friend, Nik is also off today and grueling away with her faithful sidekick, Lawrence, doing something sweaty and constructive today.  Hmmm, maybe I should finish Step 1 of my DIY project and move the furniture out of the office so we can move on to step 2 - demo!  
  • Ty'sMommy is making me feel bad because she has a toddler, is making jewelry, quilts AND scrapbooks all before the parental units show up!  I promised my SIL a baby book for my Godson and I have all the stuff and I started it, but I wasn't happy with the second page, so I gave up.  I am such a perfectionist and I need to get over it!  Maybe I could work on the baby book before he goes to Kindergarden.  Or I could drag out the jewels and make the necklace I have been envisioning in my mind for the past few weeks.
  • Ann totally got robbed out of her right to the first shower this morning.  I think she should refuse to share her mouth watering creations with the shower robber for that one.  Those cherry cakelets make me drool every time I spy their little stems peeking at me.  I could bake today...wait that would require some effort.  Clothing appropriate for public viewing, a trip to the grocers, following directions, figuring out if I have cakelet pans (is that a word? Where would one begin to look for cakelet pans? I don't think cakelet pans are near the sticker or shoe aisle so I might get lost).
  • I do have all day with no plans and there was a new assignment on DPS this week that I can handle.  BabyNik is back in my possession and I have a nearly empty card tucked inside.
  • It is a glorious day for mid-summer here.  I have a pool.  I have no plans. One of my thinking buds at work commented on my lovely alabaster glow this week (or at least that is how I interpreted her comment).  I could drag out a boombox (that is so '80's) and go hang out by/in the pool for the rest of the day.
So many options, which one will I choose?  I'm not sure either but check back later to see if I accomplished anything at all!


NV said...

Yep. Lawrence was here and we were very productive. Tah-done is one of my favorite new lines!

Ty'sMommy said...

I'm so excited that I made your blog! How cool is that? And hey, trust me when I say that it may SEEM like I am related to Wonder Woman, but that is really my sister, the astrophysicist. I'm just the kid sister who has too many hobbies....sometimes to the detriment of my sanity....but I do have some pretty jewelry to show for it at least! :)