Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slight Change in Plans

We had a plan.  We had purchased the basics months ago.  We were ready to get to work.  And then I got a brilliant idea and everything changed.  The progress we have made so far won't go to waste, so that is the good news!

Mr. Monkeygirl is used to me changing my mind so I don't think this about face comes as a surprise to him.  So what changed?
  1. Wall Color - I had a vision for a bright, warm color on the walls.  I found a color called "Pale Butter" that was my final choice.  Until I went to buy the paint.  I ended up buying a color called "Golden Chime".  If I showed you the paint samples individually, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them.  Old color - yellow with a green tint.  New color - yellow with an orange tint.
  2. Desk Size - In a moment of panic, I decided to change the desk size.  Old plan - 10 foot long on one side with a 4 foot return- huge!!  New plan - 10 feet.  Still enormous and it saves us from having to have a custom countertop cut or - eeek! - trying to cut it ourselves.
  3. Desk Height - The original plan was to have a desk that was slightly higher than a normal desk.  Why?  Because we had a base that was 28" tall.  Now? The desk will be counter height.  This will allow me to either sit or stand and work.
  4. Desk Placement - In my vision, I would sit at my desk and get my inspiration from looking out the window.  Good thought.  The window does overlook the pool.  But the window also faces our neighbor's yard.  Picture a slightly smaller version of the junk yard on Sanford and Son and you kind of get the image I see every day.  So I decided to move the desk from under the window.  This move solves multiple issues - I don't have to mess with the windowsill height anymore, I get maximum space usage, and I don't have to look at the cr*p next door.
  5. Desk Base - I bought these great storage cubes from Michael's.  I was going to stack them for the base of my desk.  Only I discovered a problem or two. First, the cubes are only 14" deep and the countertop is 24" deep. Hmmm, this is a problem.  We thought of 200 ways to try to support this desk top my they all seemed kind of dodgy to me.  Solution?  I decided to buy kitchen base cabinets to support the desk top (which is going to be a kitchen counter top anyway).  I get the storage I need plus the height I want and it is solid!
So a lot has changed over the past few days but we are making progress.  The walls are painted, Mr. Monkeygirl is working on the ceiling, we bought the base cabinets and lights.  We are getting there and hopefully we will be finished in a week or two.

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NV said...

WOW! That's awesome. Can't wait to see it.

Once the weather breaks, I'll be spoilin' for a renegade crop. :-)