Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm going back on my word.  I'm breaking my promise.  I was up for the challenge but I don't have to keep quiet any longer.  I can finally shout it out to the world (or at least the minute portion of the world that reads my blog) - we have a new blogger!

I would like to formally introduce SewWhat? to the blogisphere!  That means I'm breaking the promise that I made a few weeks ago.  When I started blogging, my mom was on vacation. Being the kind and supportive Monkey Momma that she is, she read my blog daily. This took a little dedication since she was on the road, without access to a true PC. But, she liked it!  She found it amusing!  She threatened me - er, I mean she gave me some motherly advice.  "Just don't write about me", she warned.  Oh man, she just took all the fun out of it!

Now, Monkey Mamma says that I inherit some of Monkey Daddy's traits.  One of those is the amount of time that I think about things before I decide to act upon them.  I think about things for-e-v-e-r before I make a decision.  It is usually the right decision, but I am not one to make a snap decision. It took me months of sleepless nights before I finally bit the bullet and started my own blog. Monkey Mamma, she doesn't dawdle - when she decides to do something, she goes for it.  So when did she officially start her blog? - while she was on her vacation.  Like, two days after I introduced my blog to everyone.  She was so committed to putting her plan into action, she started her blog from her cell phone!

If you have an extra minute of two, please check out her blog.  She is a crazy talented lady who takes on projects that I think are impossible (uh, hello, would you volunteer to sew costumes for a play with over 30 cast members?).  Stop by and make her feel welcome.  Make me proud, Monkey Mamma, make me proud!


Anonymous said...

Monkey Momma is always proud of MonkeyGirl. Thanks for the great intro!

NV said...

Awesome! You know I'll be stopping by.

Ann said...

How awesome that your MOM blogs. If that ain't a sign 'o the times - WHAT IS, I ask thee? :)

Ty'sMommy said...

That's fabulous! Being a seamstress myself, I'll be sure to check it out!