Saturday, August 16, 2008

A tale of I & T

There are two feisty ladies that attend our regular monthly crop.  I don't really know their entire story but from all appearances, they have been friends for a very long time.  Their social calendar would put a debutant to shame.  They are always doing something, going somewhere, up to something! They are the matriarchs of our matriarchal group.  Everyone loves them!

The funny thing is that we all sit there working on our scrapbooks and we overhear bits of their conversations.  'T' will remind 'I' where they were in a particular picture. 'I' will remind 'T' that she promised to go to lunch after they were done.  They are cute.  They have fun.  They sometimes bicker with each other, but in a way that only really good friends can bicker and fight.  They remind us of ourselves.  On more than one occassion, Nik and I have commented to each other "you know that is us in about 30 years" and we laugh.  

Today, I had to crop by myself.  Generally, I try to convince Nik that the bricks will wait, but Mother Nature has been in an exceptionally good mood for the past week or so.  I didn't even ask (I'm saving my begging for times when the weather isn't so great).  Plus I knew that Nik had a date with Lawrence, bricks, and gingerbread molding.  Even though it isn't quite the same, I went all by my lonesome.

'I' & 'T' were up to their usual antics today.  Slowly enjoying their morning cup of coffee before they start working.  Catching up on each other's lives. Showing off their completed pages to each other for encouragement. 'I' giving 'T' a hard time because now in addition to their plans to crop, share some lunch, and then off to the mall for a little shopping, they also needed to squeeze in a trip to the local craft store since someone passed along a 40% off coupon to 'T'. One of the other regulars was also there without her usual sidekick and she looked over at me and said, "you know that is 'D' and I in a few years".  

I had to laugh because that was exactly what I was thinking.  So, Nik, enjoy your bricks this month without regret, we still have a long, long time to crop together!

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NV said...

Aw, thanks, buddy! I would MUCH rather have been croppin' but you already know what I'm up against.

Yep you've got to love those two. And I'm already looking forward to crop camp. :-)