Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing Monkey Mondays

It all started with a song.  You know the kind of song that just catches your ear.  The ones that make you grab the volume knob and turn right.  It's the kind of song that makes me want to dance (and I have no rhythm - at all).  A catchy little tune that makes me smile, no matter how bad my day has been.

It all started with one song by a band with a silly name.  A band that has to have a good sense of humor.  Or an excellent sense of marketing.  The name sounds raunchy, but the music isn't.  Music that you could play for your Mom without making her blush (and that isn't easy for me to do).

A simple little tune by The Barenaked Ladies called "Another Postcard" became my anthem. I made everyone who couldn't escape listen to this song.  I'm not a huge BNL fan, but this song is catchy.  It makes me laugh.  Picturing all of the monkeys tickles my insides.  I bought the CD.  It was always in my car.  But that was all the further it went.  Until one fateful day.

"You can't imagine so many monkeys in the daily mail
 And all of them coming anonymously so they leave no trail"

I started to get anonymous postcards.  Not just regular postcards, but postcards from overseas.  Stationary filled with Chimpanzees.  And everyone was addressed to me.  The postcards started to portray the lyrics of the song.  It was kind of freaking me out.  But at the same time, it was fun.  How many times do you look forward to picking your daily mail?

As a tribute to my monkey sending anonymous friend, I started my own monkey tribe.  I have gathered monkeys from far and wide.  Some tribe members have been given to me as a gift from friends.  Some were prizes.  But I love them all and they all "live" in my office.  It isn't your typical office decor, but it is a good icebreaker!

So I have decided to introduce everyone to the member of my tribe each week.

This Monday's monkey is Swinger.  You will undoubtedly recognize Swinger as he lives on my blog.  Swinger is a lover.  He is also a bit of a chicken and doesn't like heights. Swinger was a little embarrased when he was named "Sexiest Monkey in the Office" by Primate magazine (the companion magazine to People). Since winning the award, he has been hounded by the paparazzi, so he has hired Godzilla as his body guard.  Godzilla doesn't mind protecting Swinger as you can tell from the photo that graces my blog page.  Although, there have been a few times that 'Zilla forgets that he is a herbivore! 

Tune in next week for the next introduction.  Oh, yeah, and at the end of the tribe introductions, I might actually reveal my anonymous postcard sending friend!

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NV said...

OK. That's hilarious! And, you have to realize that we're sharing the brain again. You with your song, me with mine ...