Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who knew?

Sometimes the things you learn about your parents shock you.  After living your entire life with someone who knows you better than you know yourself, you would think that you would have the same insight into their world.  Today I learned things about Monkey Mamma that I never knew.

Who knew that she had a deep dark secret dream to be a biker chick?  I didn't. That came to a complete shock to me.  It is amazing that the same woman who constantly lectured me about the dangers of motorcycles wants to cruise along Route 66 on a big gleaming Hog.

Who knew that the very woman that we hid our newly inked tattoos from, has a dream of getting sleeved?  We weren't really always cold or shaving with dull razors, but the fear of "the lecture" made us hide our personal artwork.  Writhing flames up her arm?  What's next, a tramp stamp?

Who knew that beneath the teacher/seamstress/choir member exterior, there lies a woman who wants to wrap herself in leather chaps?  I've made some 'unique' wardrobe choices in my lifetime but even I didn't see this one coming.

Who knew that Monkey Mamma would opt only for a skull cap?  Is this coming from my mother who would tell us the 'horror' story about burning her leg on the muffler of her brother's motorcycle?  Everytime I got on a bike in college, I would think of that story.  I figured if she ever found out I was on a motorcycle, she would have a cow.  Never mind the fact that we never wore helmets - that would have sent her over the edge!

Who knew that my Monkey Mamma has a dream to roam free and let her hair down? Not me. But hey, if she wants to ride a Harley but doesn't think it is proper for a woman of her age, I have a small piece of advice that she would lovingly pass along to me.  Mamma, dare to dream!


Anonymous said...

Monkey Momma still has the dream! And might even get a tattoo, even if it isn't a sleeve? The very fact that I want a tattoo and so does my just turned 70 friend means either we're both losing it, or tattoos have become so passe! How could we want something that our kids hid from us years ago? Oh, and I burned myself on the neighbor's bike, not my brothers.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get a picture of my dream image as I gaze in the mirror?

NV said...

Wow! That's amazing. Go, MM. go!
Now the day Carole tells me she wants a tattoo and a Harley, I'll know she's finally lost it.

Sugar said...

So funny! These are the stories that make me just sieze the day. Do it now rather than telling your woulda-couldas later. I have a couple of tattoos that I want but keep thinking about what I'll think about them when I'm a grandma. Your post just made me realize that all I'd be thinking is that I was silly for not doing it. Thanks!

MonkeyGirl said...

Anonymous - Remember my advice "Google is your friend". This is Rose's alter ego - Vicky. Have you picked out your biker granny name yet? Hey, I bet you could embroider your own biker jacket! Do you have a CD for that?

NV - If Carole wants a tattoo and a Harley, then I know that the end of the world as we all know it is coming soon.

Sugar - You need to go for it. Just pick a part of the bod that doesn't sag too much and you will be fine! I have one tattoo and if Mr. Monkeygirl would relax his compromise list for additional tat's I would be there tomorrow!