Friday, August 15, 2008

I've been neglectful

And I'm sorry.  I have been taking you for granted. And yet, you never complain. But my complete disregard for your needs was starting to show.  Not a word was ever spoken about how you felt slighted.  I want to make things right.

Today I will spend all day attending to your needs.  No matter what, I refuse to be distracted.  You have my undivided attention. My entire vacation day will be yours and yours alone.  Just you and me, until Mr. Monkeygirl comes home.  But don't worry, he won't mind the attention that I lavish on you.  He understands.

I was in a mood today.  Mr. Monkey girl says it was because I was bored.  I don't think I was that bored but I did spend my entire day off cleaning my house.  Not just the normal kind of cleaning, but the real cleaning.  You know the type of cleaning that you reserve for visiting dignitaries, your great-aunt Midge, or the type of cleaning you do if you are planning on selling your house.  And we don't even have company coming.  I didn't even clean this much in preparation for Skaterboy's graduation party.

I cleaned bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and dining rooms.  I cleaned the kitchen in ways I don't think I've ever attempted before.  For gosh sakes, I cleaned the inside of the dishwasher!  I scrubbed down the cabinets and de-popcorned our microwave.  I cleaned baseboards, floors, the tops of cabinets, and who knows what else.  I cleaned so much that even Skaterboy noticed.  Eighteen year old boys tend to live in their own world and ignore their parent's efforts, but he commented "Wow, it smells good in here!" as he breezed through the house.  

All of this effort has made me appreciate the effort that goes into keeping your house spic and span.  I promise not to neglect my abode like this again.  I'm going to take care of things before they need to be cleaned.  I'm hiring a cleaning lady!

And before you even ask - yes, I would be willing to come to your house and do the same but it is going to cost you!

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