Monday, August 18, 2008

Monkey Monday

Say "Hello" to this week's poster monkey - Arnold.

Even though Arnold doesn't like to admit it, he is the senior member of the Monkeygirl tribe.  Before Arnold joined the Monkeygirl tribe, he was an undercover chimp.  His final assignment for the Chimp Force was posing as a Kindergarden teacher to guard a prime witness for an upcoming trial.  It was on this assignment that Arnold was awarded the Medal of Valor.  When one of the baby chimps in his class was threatened by a hot desk lamp, Arnold thought only of protecting the innocent chimp and flung himself over the lamp saving the baby from any harm. Arnold suffered from a severe case of "molten stuffing" that ended his career as an undercover chimp.  After being released from the hospital, Arnold visited his former class to reassure them he was fine.  "It is not a tumor!" was the most often repeated phrase on that visit.

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